Let's talk about: Jessica Fulks, winner of the Instagram fashion design competition!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014
altJessica Lache' Fulks (27) is a Savannah College of Art and Design student, currently in her final year of the master of Fine Arts: Fashion and the winner of the Fashion Students Network Instagram Design Competition. FashionUnited had a word with her about her winning design, her achievements and future ambitions. 

Let's talk about... Inspiration
FU: What was your inspiration for the design in the winning picture?
JLF: The inspiration was in the picture was from a 1950’s suitcase.  I created a story based on a 1950’s musician who travelled around the world and collected different garments to create a menswear survival kit.  alt
FU: Who are your role models?
JLF: My family are my role models: my mother, brother and uncle.
Let's talk about... Achievements
FU: Have you done any internships?
JLF: I worked a t-shirt shop in undergrad as a graphic design intern. I was offered various internships for the upcoming summer but I decided to intern with Belk Department Store private brands which I will be starting in June. 
FU: Have you won other competitions? 
JLF: Yes, I have won various competitions in my undergraduate and graduate career
among which are AIA Urban Store Fronts Winner(2013) and Couture for a Cause 1st Place Designer (2011). 
FU: You have your own brand Lache', how did that started?
JLF: I started my own brand in the Summer of 2006 after I switched my major at NC State from Zoology to Textiles Apparel Management: Fashion Development, Product Management. I just wanted to put my all into my decision to change my career path so I started a t-shirt line. It has evolved over the years as my design skills started to strengthen and as my passion for tailoring started to grow.
FU: What kind of clothes do you sell?
JLF: I design and sell men’s and women’s vintage inspired garments. I like to think of my design aesthetic as the art of fashion story telling because my inspirations are developed as stories that do not exists in any other part of the world. When a customer wears my garments they become more that just the consumer, they become a character in the world of Lache’.
altLet's talk about... Current projects
FU: Are you working on other projects at the moment?
JLF: I am currently working on a project for the homeless of Atlanta. It is called the Labor of Love project where I am collecting hygiene products in order to create care packages. Me and my team will then hand them out on March 29th.  Monetary donations can be given directly on my website: www.4lache.com.  Hygiene product donations can be dropped off  at Vitesse Exchange 319 Nelson Street Atlanta, GA 30313 or mailed to 2104 Arbor Gates Drive Atlanta, GA 30324.
Let's talk about... Goals
FU: What do you plan to do when you finish college?
JLF: I plan to start working in my career for a company as a menswear designer.
FU: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
JLF: In 10 years, I plan to be working for my own clothing line full time.  
Let's talk about... Being a fashion design studentalt
FU: Pro's and con's of being a fashion design student. 
JLF: The pro is:  I get to follow my passion and create garments that can have a positive influence on people and the world. The con’s are: its a lot of work and it can be expensive.
FU: Any advice for future fashion design students? 
JLF: My advice is have a open mind about everything you learn, take advantage of as many resources that you can at school because you are paying for it, and try out new things that professors are showing you but always stay true to your design aesthetic.

Images: Jessica Lache' Fulks images and designs.