Koffa Design Group offers four-month fashion program for Pasadena locals

Thursday, 01 October 2015

Los Angeles - Koffa Design Group just developed a fashion business development program for students. Based in Pasadena, the design group will offer their entrepreneur program starting mid-October. The fashion business development program curated by Koffa Design Group involves a four

month-long program that helps teach students how to craft and develop their business. The courses include fashion line development, business 101, concept development, manufacturing, and more. Overall, there are four main courses that take place over the four months. Each month has a core value that is taught by Dr. Koffajuah Toeque, who is also a professor at Cal Poly Pomona University. The approach includes hands-on experience where students can learn from Toeque’s teaching and further enhance their fashion skills in designing, conceptualization, business consulting, and more. The cost for classes is 175 dollars per course (for four courses total). The program costs includes five yards of knit or woven project test fabric and use of sewing equipment. Courses start next month on Saturday, October 17.

Koffa Design Group is known for offering basic sewing classes, group sewing parties, and business classes at select rates per class. Launched in 2013, the course driven studio serves as a creative studio with various fashion entrepreneurs. Founder Dr. Koffajuah Toeque has over 15 years in combined fashion business consulting, line development, manufacturing management, and pattern making. Cal Poly Pomona, where Toeque also works, is known for its extensive fashion merchandising program for bachelors’ degrees. Toeque also serves as the director of education and training of the Koffa Design Group.