Kingston University student makes catwalk statement about the Spanish economy

Tuesday, 07 October 2014
Denim and dunces’ hats have taken centre stage on the catwalk after a Kingston University MA Fashion student decided to base her latest collection on the economic hardship and high unemployment blighting her native Spain. Esme Dominguez Pueyo said her menswear range, unveiled to industry experts during London Fashion Week, reflected how strongly she felt about the difficulties confronting her fellow Spaniards as they faced a protracted period of economic uncertainty. “I strongly believe the fashion world needs to look outside its own bubble and reflect the reality of peoples’ lives. Fashion is not only something that can be aesthetically appealing , it is also a powerful communication tool,” the 24 year old from Valencia said.

Her collection incorporates jersey T-shirts emblazoned with statistics, suits made from 100 per cent cotton denim and dunces’ hats demonstrating her belief that her countrymen are being fooled by the nation’s politicians. “I wanted to make a statement about the Government not only failing to help the needy, but also trying to conceal the misery that has taken hold across the country,” the young designer, who has launched her own label called Delusions of Grandeur, explained.