G-Star Raw partners with the Sandberg Instituut

Monday, 19 October 2015

Dutch denimlabel G-Star Raw has partnered with the Fashion Matters programme of the Dutch Sandberg Instituut. The brand will support the programme by offering financial support as well as offering knowledge on the fashion industry.

“With this collaboration we want to question the role and future of the fashion industry in a rapidly changing world and culture and be part of the quest for new knowledge and practice,” stated Thecla Schaeffer, chief marketing officer at G-Star, in a press release. The Fashion Matters programme is centred on the impact that the fashion industry will have on people and the planet in the future, which are also questions that the Dutch brand is concerned with.

The two-year programme, which will be led by the Belgian artist Cristophe Coppens, aims to look for ways of designing, producing and promoting one´s products without losing sight of the consequences this has on consumers of the future. “It´s up to the new generation to research and fine-tune their choices, look deeper into current options and develop forward-thinking models that put them at the forefront of a much needed new wave of fashion,” said Coppens.

The Sandberg Instituut is based in Amsterdam and also teaches post-graduate courses in fine arts, design and interior architecture. G-Star´s partnership with the school will last for two years.