FIDM students team up with Candiani Denim for thesis project

Friday, 27 March 2015
Students in their last semester at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) collaborated with Candiani denim to present their thesis project. These nine students are part of FIDM’s advanced study program in International Manufacturing & Product Development. Every year,  the students in the program work with a partner from the fashion industry that involves both the company and students in how product development works.

In the collaboration, the students go through the motions with the company of the thesis concept, design, sourcing, production, and marketing. Candiani Denim worked with the students emphasizing how the entire development process works. The students had to “think about what ‘premium’ means to the consumer and research back to the times when the quality of the band/product mattered more than its image,” Simon Giuliani, marketing manager of Candiani Denim, told Sports Wear International.

The project’s purpose was for the students to redefine premium denim in a way that expresses the aesthetic aspects of the fabric. The students were challenged to research and design a fitting merchandise for the premium denim line. The graduates-to-be are Gabriela Carolina Galarza, Angela Garcia, Casey Kundzics, Karoline Korper, Sharet Olvera, Amanda Slate, Kimberly Poquis, Ariel Sweetland, and Brittany Keziah.

Candiani Denim is known for its sustainability in the use of fabric in the premium denim industry. The company, established in 1938, is one of the greenest textile businesses in the fashion world today.