COLUMN - Zestfully new challenges

Monday, 25 November 2013
AMD Munich fallWhether you like it or not, there are moments in your life where you have to say farewell. A goodbye to family and friends, your home, your childhood. For me, that moment came in september 2013. It was time for me to leave my home town Vienna, Austria. I was going to start my studies at the AMD Akademie Mode & Design in Munich, in the course Modejournalimus/Medienkommunikation (fashion journalism/media communication).
I started interning at fashion magazines at the age of fourteen. My love and passion for fashion, art, design and writing have always enriched my life. I believe in the power and influence of these various art forms that have guided humanity threw centuries. I hope one day I will be able to share that fascination with others through my work at a renowned fashion magazine.

Until then, I really enjoy my time at the academy in Munich. Being in a class of only sixteen people makes it a very personal and challenging experience. It is a very practical formation that includes a six month internship, which I am really looking forward to! As the academy just started, our projects are still in the early stages, but we already have some very interesting and innovative ideas.
Thanks to my internship at German „COSMOPOLITAN“ during summer vacation last year, I already got to know Munich a little and wasn‘t completely lost after moving here in september.Fall at AMD

Inspired by the city
The city has some amazing cultural offers that truly help you to get more open minded. Recently I visited one that left me quite impressed, an exhibiton at the „Haus der Kunst“ called „Paper Weigth“. It gave you an insight at independent publishing in the twenty-first century. Fifteen international, independent publications
like „the gentlewoman“, „032c“ or „Candy“ were represented as oversized, walk-through magazines and situated within their cultural context.

The exhibit „TASCHEN“ presented original bags from the 16th century until today, the evolution and use that changed throughout time. Another wonderful exhibiton.

As you can see, the city offers a remarkable and inspiring cultural spectrum. Although I believe inspiration can be found wherever we go. While we walk around on the streets, in a park, during a little jogging or while reading a new book. Especially now during fall, in a surrounding of stunning, bright colors shining in the last rays of summer sun, before giving way to the first snowflakes.

The communication of mentalities via clothes
Curiously, many people fear that time as days get shorter and temperatures are starting to fall. Instantly people react with their clothes. Out of a sudden, as a mirror of the inner fear and uncertainty of the cold months to come, clothes are getting darker, the color palette on the streets of Munich is situated somewhere between deep black and mouse gray. Unconsciously, the inner fears and feelings are in concert with the way people dress.
On the other hand, some people (including myself) wear black or muted colors throughout the year as a matter of principle. As a way to emphasize an elegant, confident attitude that doesn‘t need bright colors to shine.
However, it would be interesting to distinguish how the communication of mentalities via clothes change from nation to nation. I will take that as a challenge for my weekend trip to Paris and select the most significant, outstanding contrasts between Paris and Munich.
For my personal résumé about fashion as a reflection of a state of mind in Munich and Paris, as well as upcoming projects at the AMD, please follow my column next month!

Nadja Herscovici, AMD Munich