COLUMN - The End of a Semester

Monday, 12 May 2014
altAs the end of my very first semester studying fashion design at FIT quickly approaches, and as I start counting the days until I move out of my current dorm room, present my final garments, and start focusing the majority of my time on music for the duration of Summer, I realize how much I have grown in the four months that I have been here at FIT.

It does not seem like four months has passed, or like I am any different now than I was on move-in day, but thinking about all of the classes I have taken and all the hours I have spent constructing garments out of muslin makes me think of how remarkable our brains are. I remember from the psychology class I took in high school that our human perceptions of time depend on the state our minds are in; our brains basically determine the speed of time, which is completely relative to our individual thoughts, feelings, and actions. Specifically, when our brains are completely consumed by something, time seems to cease its existence. At the very moment when the total consummation of our thoughts by that something finally subsides, it seems as if time has soared right by. Eight hours can seem like eight minutes just like the four months of this semester have seemed like a short four weeks.

alt A life of creations is ahead of me
But these past four months, as difficult as they have been, have me eagerly looking forward to the next four months, and the next, etc. I am one step (or semester) closer to a life that will be spent constantly all-consumed by everything that I have begun to expose myself to here. I have learned to (or discovered how to) crave being totally and completely absorbed in the alternate mind-set of creation and ideological discovery that I fall into with either fashion design or music. I guess that is how I am wired: I crave creation.

There is another aspect of this “time warp phenomenon” (I do not remember the technical term) that I remember from school. Our bodies experience positive natural highs. We enter into some unusual state of euphoria that causes surges in our adrenaline which then cause us to quite literally forget about time and power through whatever it is that we are doing without other mental interruption. Anything could cause such a “time warp”: interacting with a best friend, reading a really good book, sky diving, etc. In my case, it is creating.

Creating definitely gives me a natural positive high, no doubt about it. So I have come to the conclusion that the ending of my first semester at FIT is the very beginning of a life-long high from the things that I love and know how to do best. What a life.

Brielle Edborg, fashion design student at Fashion Institute of Technology.

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