COLUMN - Perspective of the Creator

Monday, 17 February 2014
altWhy is it that the worst and most difficult times of our lives occur either when we are stuck in a rut or when everything we once thought we knew has been changed forever? We question who exactly we thought we were; and then suddenly, the mindset we have become so accustomed to having goes up into theoretical flames. Honestly, it almost seems like the whole universe comes crashing down and we are the primary target. Sound familiar?

Thealt complete whirlwind of the “worst” times of our lives more often than not turn out to be the most important growing and learning stages we encounter. The growing pains are unfortunately imperative to the process, but personally, I almost love the stinging sensation it gives me and I know that I will become incomparably stronger and more wise as a result. I imagine the tiny fibers in my brain wincing in agony as they slowly tear apart to only heal back together more durable than ever. There is an indefinite truth in the saying: “change is good”.

Nothing good can come from doing nothing...
As we mature, we naturally adapt to the temperamental balance between stagnant, almost dependent, living and unstably chaotic cyclical vicissitude. The most temperamental part of every growing pain is good old father time. I guess time management really is everything. The time it takes to heal from a breakup, the time it takes to master a technique, the time it takes to learn that magic fairies will not come and clean your dishes at night for you (you actually have to buy soap and wash them yourself), etcetera. Nothing good can come from doing nothing, but nothing good can come from doing everything either. We are inexperienced acrobats stumbling across a tightrope with no protective cushioning to buffer our fall, and we are praying that we get to the other side alive. This is real life.

Perspective is also a huge factor to our adaptation and growing process. Have you ever been with someone where time seems to literally disappear because you get along with him or her so well that time really has no purpose of existing? They are funny things, our minds. We are able to twist time into a sort of puzzle piece that fits together with our twisted and sometimes mangled puzzles of brains so that we can adapt to situations, or force situations to adapt to us, through which we allow ourselves to keep whatever it is that we consider sanity.

The world around us IS art!
And here is where art comes in. How we perceive situations that arise in our lives completely affects how we perceive the world around us. The world around us IS art! Everything is created in some way, and as artists, we are fortunate enough to contain the ability inside our souls to decide what we want to create, what we want to perceive, and how we want to perceive it. Like snowflakes and fingerprints, every single person on this earth is unique. But we have something in common that snowflakes do not. We all innately desire to maintain that which makes us unique: our own individualities.

Think about this, if every person’s individuality is a result of his own perception, and every person’s perception is his own solution, then could the solution to the most difficult trials of our lives be to morph into ourselves? Into who we are created to be? Into creators? I think so.

Love, Brielle

Brielle Edborg, FIT student.

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