COLUMN: Outside your comforts, overcome and succeed.

Monday, 30 December 2013
Fashion students column Angelina ToddBermuda. Usually, when people think of Bermuda, they either think the Bermuda Triangle or their faces go blank with confusion prompting the question: “Where is that?”. To me, the thought is quite different. I grew up in Bermuda; that is where I was born, where I was raised and what I am lucky enough to call one of my homes. With a population of just under 65,000 people, the island of Bermuda has the feel of a small, quaint town where you know or know of just about everyone.  

There are pink-sand beaches, water based activities and a variety of old-town sightseeing that draws many tourists from their busy, city homes and to our simplistic shores every year. Bermudans are the opposite. They crave the bigger opportunities and bright lights of cities like New York. This rule usually applies to high school graduates who traditionally move to colleges and universities across the US, Canada and the UK.  Central Saint Martins student Angelina Todd

Leaving the island
Most teens leave to get a degree in Business, Medicine or Law and then return to the island and start their adult lives. The others leave and only come back to visit. My path is, admittedly, a bit more like the latter.  After graduation, I packed up and moved to London, at the age of 17, to study a foundation course in Fashion Media and Communication at London College of Fashion.
Thankfully, my family was supportive of swapping the clear blue bays for the Thames in an attempt to make something of myself.

A miniature campus in a buzzing, west London neighborhood called Shepherds Bush greeted me. The building reminded you of an ancient church or a sad reenactment of Hogwarts.

Blood, sweat and tears were involved in making every styling unit’s photo shoot and every horrible drawing so needless to say my experience at LCF was crucial in finding my strengths and weaknesses before moving on to BA.

A whirlwind romance
I had chosen a couple of courses at the University and after a hectic year, I was lucky enough to end up on the BA for Fashion at LCF’s sister college Central Saint Martins.
My slight interest in a previous Fashion History translated into studying it full-time through the Fashion History and Theory pathway on the BA.

Already, we’ve studied men and women’s dress from the 14th Century to present day and have been to, just about, every gallery in London at least 4 times.

It was a bit of a whirlwind romance, as I am now on the second year of the course and nearly half-way to my final year.  A few years ago, it would be hard to imagine me in this position; stressing myself out over planning a hypothetical exhibition on controversy in Fashion and feeling the heavy-handed pressure of meeting the college’s expectations and reputation more than ever. Though, I think that’s what they want: a student who is willing to put themselves outside of their comforts, overcome and eventually succeed.

Angelina Todd, Fashion History student at Central Saint Martin’s, UK.

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