COLUMN - NEXT 14. MOTION: Fashion Show & Exhibition

Monday, 28 April 2014
The annual AMD Fashion Show NEXT. 14, this year under the motto “Motion”, was anew a major success. Munichs Fashion folks and families of the graduates assembled to celebrate and congratulate the talents of tomorrow. The event opened with an exhibition of the final works of all the different courses of studies. From Fashion Journalism/ Media Communication, to Visual and Corporate Communication, Fashion and Design Management, every course had the possibility to present their work and achievements to the numerous guests.

After the graduate celebration in presence of the tutors, the awaited fashion show finally opened the gates. Divided into three parts, the show took two hours and had some extravagant and innovative designs to present.

Young talent evolving
The first part enabled AMD fashion design students to present their term works, from the first to the sixth semester. The audience got an impression of the significant evolution the students undertake during their time at the academy. While the first semester students showed their talents under the theme “form finding: skirt”, elder semesters presented manufacturing ideas for denim or innovative outfits for knitwear.

In the second part, the academy welcomed two special guests from Italy and Japan, the winners of the “Admiralty Needle-Contest”. Daria Zhiliaeva from Florence, with her collection “The hostess of the copper mountain” and Shakhnoza Rizkieva from Tokio, with the collection “Basic instincts”.

And of course, last but not least, the awaited final and highlight of the show: the third part, in which the Fashion Design graduates from AMD Munich presented their 15 final collections. Under a vast range of continuously changing topics, the audience was not given the chance to get inattentive or bored. The young design talents fascinated the audience with an “Army of elves”, “Moments of identity” and “Lucid Dreams”. Next minute, the crowd was intrigued by a “Femme fatale” and transferred into a different century during “Impressionism”. All in all, the show went off without any noteworthy hitch and the graduates had a more than dignified farewell into their promising career paths. The more, three of them will get the exceptional opportunity to be present with their designs at Berlin Fashion Week. An external jury nominated the three best graduate collections of this years Fashion Show in Munich. The graduates Theresa Reiter, Shirin Seyed-Ghaemi and Katharina Weber will be able to compete next to well-established labels and gather incomparable experiences at Berlin Fashion Week.

All in all, the event lived up to the quite high expectations the attendants had of the annual show and demonstrated the finesse and devotion of the students.

Nadja Herscovici, AMD Munich.