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Monday, 18 November 2013
clolumn fashion students Nottingham Trent UniversityWhat is the life of a fashion student? Does a dedicated and passionate one that will do all it takes to get to the top of that mountain and get what they really want in life, always succeed? They all say they have ‘a  passion for fashion’ - but how do they prove it?

Moving away
Starting university was a very hard step up in my life, due to being such a family-girl and not only that, however very commonly, most students are terrified of living on their own with people they don’t even know. Most of my friends said I am crazy to be moving out of London where I have so many fashion opportunities. London is my home and a place that I am always able to go to whenever I want. It is one of world’s largest fashion capitals and the still growing marketing and new technologies available in the city, are at a reach of a hand with good contacts. However, as a very strong opinionated person I decided that moving out of the capital will be good for me and my self-confidence. At the end of it all, after university I can live wherever I want to!

So now I’m here – Nottingham. One of the largest student cities in England. Two universities. The constant rivalry between the ‘Trent Army’ and ‘Uni of’ is surreal. I have not yet had a chance to attend any of the varsity games, however I am really looking forward to them and I’m sure I will enjoy staring at the breath-taking beauty of Trent rugby players. On the other hand, I am beyond the excitement to cheer with the Trent Tigers at the games! Unfortunately, it was too hard for me being part of a dance society, as well as, cheerleading so I decided to drop one of them and focus more on my studies and socialising part of being a student. Currently, I am a part of a dance team which gave me an opportunity to meet more people and always keep myself busy, because that’s what university life is all about for me – always having something to do, no boredom.Karolina

Living the dream life of a fashion student in Nottingham
Choosing what university to apply for and especially what course is a hard decision for everyone – no matter what they say there is always that little bit of doubt in all of your choices.
I chose to come to Nottingham for the course – Fashion Communication and Promotion. It lets me develop my knowledge about the different parts of fashion business – including marketing, promotion, event management and journalism. The wide range of subjects taught on the course attracted me to it and made me think it’s what I want to do for the next three years.

The university holds a placement for the lucky chosen ones in the second semester of the sophomore year. The reason it is so exclusive and only available to the best students is because it is held in New York city, at the very prestige Fashion Institute of Technology. To make it even more of an exciting course, as well as, to get to know the different cultures and have an opportunity to compare the marketing of London to other fashion capitals – every year the course organises a trip to one of them. First year – New York. Second year – Berlin/Paris/Milan. Third year – Tokyo.
I consider myself very lucky to be going on the New York trip in January 2014, however until then I am living the dream life of a fashion student in Nottingham.

Personally, I find it really important to surround yourself by the people who love you and inspire you to succeed in life. This was always the most important aspect of my life. Being surrounded by the successful and independent people all my life, has given me the courage and motivation to never give up. Life is all about making mistakes and getting a lesson out of it every time.

Karolina Wilczek 

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