COLUMN - Life as a freshman in NYC

Monday, 11 November 2013
Fashion student Brielle Edborg Fashion Institute of TechnologyNew York City: Center of the Universe. Land of the fashionably brilliant and land of the fashionably challenged. Here I am, in the middle of all its beautiful chaos, trying to create my own niche in this thing we call life.  Let me tell you, it is not easy, being a full-time musician and a soon-to-be full-time fashion student at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

"Me" my dream!

There is an undeniable beauty in being surrounded with an unending amount of stimulation coming from so many different directions. It is an inspiring energy that opens up possibilities previously unimagined and possibilities I have been dreaming about for my whole life.
Moving into the city has proven to be equal parts invigorating and stressful, as any move would be, but it is an incredible feeling to start a new chapter in my life; a chapter I have been calling "Me". My dream!
It is the beginning, where the reality of the hard work I have chosen to dedicate myself to hits me like a ton of bricks. Repeat: a TON of bricks. But it is awesome, and I can already see myself maturing by gaining wisdom of the fashion and music businesses and starting to grow into my own.
New challenges present themselves every day which test my knowledge and adaptability. I know that at some point I will be pushed to my limits and I am excited, believe it or not, for everything: the good as well as the bad.

Inspiration: nothing is ever as it seems to be

Inspiration is a funny thing. It comes from everything and nothing at the same time, depending upon one's perspective. I love shoes, I seriously am in love with Jeffery Campbell shoes and have a personal relationship with them; maybe I need professional help, and I often find myself lusting over a pair of shoes that I cannot afford and probably will not be able to afford for a few years.
Frankly, I find it pitiful. But a few months ago jokingly speaking with a friend, I caught myself saying, "I'm so tired of wanting these shoes. It drives me insane," and that was it: inspiration.
An idea for a song popped into my head and I had it completely written in less than an hour. It seems to be about a relationship turning sour, but it really is about me trying to get over the fact that I could not purchase a pair of Kanye West's DW shoes that I have unmistakably seen in Kim Kardashian's closet on her infamous show, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"! I named it "It Was All Good" and the hook goes something like:

"I'm so tired of this game, it drives me insane. I can't stop it no-oh-oh ooh ooh oh-oh. Now you're done with me, it's funny to see, 'cuz I was over you oou oo yesterday."

That is another thing I have learned, nothing is ever as it seems to be. Inspiration itself, if it should be actual matter, is the most malleable substance in existence. It is meant to be molded into every possible dimension the human brain can imagine. No perspective should be left unexplored or undiscovered. Not even writing a song about a pair of shoes failing to hold its prospective weight in a human relationship.

Love, Brielle

Brielle Edborg is one of the new Student Editors on The Fashion Education Network, a dance-pop singer/songwriter and performer from New York City. She will be a freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology this Spring, blending her fashion and music worlds.

Watch Brielle’s music video below. Outfits designed by Brielle Edborg. Styling by Kelsey Wing.


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