COLUMN - "Late at the Library: Fashion Flashback"

Tuesday, 11 February 2014
alt“It’s a giant room with books.” If you’ve ever stood in the entrance of the British Library that’s probably your initial thought. By all means you would be right but its also many other things: It serves as a cafeteria to the vulture whose talons were draped around what I can only assume to be a Chicken Caesar Wrap, it is an academic’s dream land and an undergrad’s hangout or worst nightmare depending on what and how you study. I’ve personally spent an increasing amount of time in Britain’s national library myself and can confirm the previous. Possibly, too many of my tutors dismay, I haven’t really been to the BL since our last project with the final year Fashion History and Theory CSM students that were in charge of organizing last year’s “Late at the Library: Fashion Flashback”.

Libraries turning into catwalks
The altevent was a part of the British Library’s annual Spring Festival, put on in attempts of bringing different crowds through the doors and they did with the club-like atmosphere. My classmates were divided into groups for assistance with the activities of the night and four of us were lucky to land the fashion show roles. There were two fashion shows showcasing the Japanese and Russian influenced paper designs from the BA Fashion Print students and somewhere underneath the chaos of losing two pairs of JuJu glitter jellies that night everything went well.

I figure this is why I romanticized the atmosphere last week when I went to collect my Readers Pass; the last time I was here it was essentially a booming club where Princess Julia was DJ’ing for an escalator-Louis-Vuitton-circa-S/S-2013 fashion show. As we’ve been asked to participate in the prep for this year’s Spring Festival, I had to return and browse the humanity resources for a guide we were putting together based on the 20s and the time of the Jazz Age. While I hear nothing (yet) of a fashion show this time around, I’m sure if any of you show up this March the “giant room with books” will be a heavy rival to that of the Gatsby mansion. (Do you get the theme hints? I bet you do..)

Peep the photos from the fashion show and read about the event on the British Library’s blog here

Angelina Todd, Fashion History student at Central Saint Martins, UK.

Images: British Library blog

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