COLUMN - Central Saint Martins: hard work, but always with a smile

Monday, 02 December 2013
Try not to trip, try not to trip. The smug, green mermaid on the front of my Chai Tea Latte taunted me for jumping into the Starbucks’ line despite the risk of being late for my 10 o’clock seminar. Continuing to juggle between a half-eaten banana, my cell phone, and my coffee I ran up the walkway from King’s Cross station.

Trying to avoid the groups of suits, construction workers and “those weird art kids” A white, furniture truck let me cross and I bolted across the bridge that joins the Goods Way road with Granary Square over the canal. Tired, out of breath, and a bit wet from the “semi-unnecessary-but-still-awesome” light up fountains outside I finally made it to the security gate. Slapping my student ID on to the sensor and waited for the gate to open I realized: I still had ten minutes left. It would take me less than 5 minutes to get to M305B, that is in the M block at the back of the building on the third floor. Great. Trudging across the floor I couldn’t help but smile at the “CSM would be better if..” board which productive students had replied with: "Sh*t actually worked" and " There were hot STRAIGHT guys".

"Gangnam-style", classes and big projects

Walking into the room I was greeted by the fresh-faced group of bright, young things. It’s only 14, or 13 of us today as one of my friends had opted to join her mates for what she dubs a “Gangnam-style” party the night before. 15 minutes later our tutor, the master of ceremonies, appeared with the presentation. This chronological seminar based specifically on “2002-2004” we mostly spoke about the symbolic nature of Burberry’s check pattern. The center of much of our discussion being a controversial photo of Daniella Westbrook and her daughter blanketed in the trademark print greatly parallel to the glamour of Kate Moss in the 2002 Burberry campaign.

Wrapping up, our tutor found joy in reminding us of a special project we have responsibility of as Year 2 Fashion History and Theory students. A range of promotional blog posts and a resource-motivated guide is supposed to coincide with the British Library’s Spring Festival plus collaboration with Museum of London, which is playing in background to three 3000-word essays and two presentations. Central Saint Martins was never a joke but it gave me everything to laugh at.. even if it’s hysterically.

Angelina Todd, Central Saint Martins.

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