Clouds Festival: becoming a part of tomorrow's creative network

Monday, 22 June 2015
With more and more students graduating each year, finding the rights connections to led to a successful career is not always easy. So, recent AMFI graduate Milan Moheb decided it was time to take things into his owns hands and create a new platform for networking, one which would connect young  professionals and students from the fashion, art and music industries in 'fun environment.' The result was the Clouds Festival, part networking event, part creative workshops, mixed with music, food stands and internship advice as well as art, light and photography expositions.

The festival, which was designed as part of Milan's graduation project, was the natural cumulation of his interests. "Even before my graduation, I already had a passion for events within the creative industry and I hope to become an event manager post-graduate," said Milan to FashionUnited on his inspiration for the event. "So I started looking at what is important for students, but currently does not work in for them within the event industry. Having an professional network is one of the most important things a young professional needs, but most students and young professionals lack the skills needed to develop this network."

"We all know that the majority of networking events don't work - no one really likes talking to strangers and you just feel awkward the entire time. So I decided to fix the networking borefest and combine it with fun." Students were drawn to the creative workshops featured at the festival, such as a photography remake workshop which encouraged participants to recreate an iconic photo, or the creative thinking workshop as well as the silent disco offered by that helped break the ice and encouraged people mingle with one and other.

"People were excited immediately after I explained my concept for the festival to them because what I saying to them made sense. Networking is important and networking events don't always work. Hosting the Clouds Festival as my graduation project, made the whole production easier and harder at the same time," he added. "Easier because I was able to get feedback on most of the things I was doing and harder because I had to explain every decision I made to my teacher in order to graduate. Events are my passion and I have produced a film, two fashion shows and now this festival. The festival in my opinion was the hardest, because you are always afraid that it won't work. A show always works, because people know what to expect. The fear of not being successful enough, is much higher with a festival then with a film or show."

"For me Clouds Festival was a test run before I go into the big bad world and I wanted to graduate with something that made a difference. I've heard about many guests making connections during the festival and are currently planning to work together with the people they met. For me this is the achievement I wanted; to connect students and young professionals."