AMFI's Fashion & Visual Culture programme

Wednesday, 18 September 2013
A group of third and fourth year AMFI students have just started with the Fashion & Visual Culture programme. The aim is to visualise fashion in innovative and meaningful ways. Leonie Veenman, 4th year Fashion Branding student, talks about her experience in creating an innovative and meaningful photo, which she finds more difficult than expected.

"Our first experience with the programme, the so-called photo week, turned out to be an exciting journey to find out what we were capable of doing in a short amount of time", says Veenman. She also declared how useful the advice from the coaches were: "Don’t think too much, experiment a lot and keep the fun factor in mind. Don’t be afraid to get confused, because that might just lead you to new insights."

This "get confused" attitude is exactly what helped Veerman developing her idea for the photo. "I really surprised myself by finding crazy solutions to make ideas come to life", she says. "It’s great to experience how your first experiments can evolve into photos you never thought of, exceeding your own expectations", Veenman added.

Source: AMFI

Images: Leonie Veenman