AMFI graduate talks about her fashion film ‘Becoming a man’

Thursday, 29 August 2013
Agnes Untner, who was the director of photography, was recently interviewed about the short film, the process of creating the film and the role of films in fashion. “A fashion film is a great tool to communicate the values of the brand and the meaning of the collection”, says Untner.

Agnes graduated from AMFI in 2013 and as part of a course project she made a short fashion film for the Fashion & Visual Culture program together with three fellow students.

The short film, which lasts three minutes is directed by Merle van der Wal and features model Ruben Visser’t Hoof.

Untner explains that the aim of the assignment was to pick up a young Dutch fashion designer and use his/her latest collection as the main inspiration for the film.

The object of the conceptual short film 'Becoming a man' was to feel throughout the entire duration of the movie, a certain transformation from boy to man. "We wanted to trigger emotions relating to strengths, intensity and fighting spirit as well as feature an attractive man”, said Agnes Untner.

As a director of photography, Agnes was inspired by the German expressionists filmmakers and by the director Bernardo Bertolucci.

Image: Agnes Untner

Source: Modeconnect