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The IAF International Student Award

The International Apparel Federation (IAF) aims to build bridges between students and well-established companies. The IAF student award is an important instrument in carrying out this mission. It is hosted by the IAF in cooperation with FashionUnited.

The prize associated with the award is a world class internship at a top notch fashion company, hence providing ambitious students with an invaluable work experience, whilst providing companies with the world’s top talents.

The global marketing campaign associated with the award provides extra value to the winning students and to the companies providing them with the internships.

Nomination and categories 
Students who have demonstrated excellence in either creative, technical, managerial or all aspects of the apparel business can be nominated for the IAF Student Award.

The awards are divided into 2 work fields in order to create focus for both students and companies namely, design and branding.

Too little attention is given to the huge importance of nurturing top creative, technical and managerial talent to work for increasingly global and complex apparel companies. 

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