The AMFI Honours Design Programme – The benefit of living fashion 24/7

Tuesday, 03 September 2013
The AMFI Honours programme consists of intense classes in design, concepting, styling and photography, guest lectures from fashion professionals and the chance to work in a small group of eleven designers.

‘It’s a lot about expressing yourself and experimenting. The biggest difference with the regular programme was that we had the time and freedom to apply our design handwriting in the way we wanted to’, says Britta Bentele, a second year student who was selected to participate in the programme.

As part of the Honours programme, the students went to the Paris Fashion Week and experienced the city. ‘Paris was amazing. I got the most inspiration and motivation from the people around me, doing the same, wanting the same, thinking the same,’ tells Sarah Mayer, another selected student from second year.

Frans Ankoné, a renowned fashion stylist and mentor of the students, describes the programme as a way to develop the students’ personal style. ‘It’s very free and experimental and even though they have to give up their holidays, they get the benefit of living fashion 24/7”.

Source: AMFI