Q & A with Michael Kors, former alumnus of FIT

Thursday, 22 August 2013
Q & A with Michael Kors, former alumnus of FIT

In an interview with Hue Magazine the FIT ex alumnus talked about the current and future situation of fashion and his new FIT Scholarship.

When Kors was asked about the women that wear his clothes, he answered “I think of myself as the framer, the woman is the picture.”

Regarding his 1 million dollars FIT Scholarship, Michael Kors has a couple of advices for fashion students: “They have to know the customer. They have to spend time watching people shop” and “ You can’t be bottled up. You can’t say, “I’ve seen it all.” Fashion is the big picture.”

Michael Kors also shared his impressions about how Internet helps new designers and creators, but “it’s much harder to work when the spotlight is blaring at you with such a high intensity.”

Kors is convinced that, eventually, fashion will be more democratic and individualized. ”We’ll see where the world takes us, and that’s where fashion will go.”