Individuals presents S/S collection ROOTS during AFW

Friday, 13 July 2012
On July the 12th Individuals presented its latest collection ROOTS during Amsterdam Fashion Week. This 13th Individuals collection is the followup to the winter collection DUALS and continues the story of Individuals.

'After the rebellion and social reform comes a moment of contemplation and the cathartic realisation that we must move on. We collect leftovers of the past and rely on our primal strengths again: ROOTS sets a first confident step into a new world.'

The concept
DUALS focused on the rebellion, which resulted in a powerful and raw streetwear collection.

'ROOTS is about the aftermath. Street has becomes earth. The dark pillars of our civilization have been brought down by a marching movement of brave warriors. A sense of catharsis enables us to rely on our 0primal strengths once again. Scarred but empowered, we proudly stride through raw gravel. It is now time for us to reconstruct the deconstructed into
a new world. Digging for debris in the sandy soil of what once was structured asphalt, we build from broken pieces of a bygone era. Fusing whatever we can find into remodeled materials, we create the necessities that ensure our
survival. Darkness brings forth light. We inevitably move onwards.'

The collection
Weathered fabrics, parts of clothing that accidentally could have been found, and the feeling of a deep-rooted instinct for survival, together created an earthly collection. A collection that consists of different, unexpected combinations in material and design. Wounded leather, silk, cotton and linen form the basis of the collection. The reddish purple color primal beet and the chalky bone white refer to our human origins. While the black broken asphalt and the sandy desert skin depict our changed surroun-dings. Draped, asymmetric, layered and oversized pieces evoke the necessity and inevitability of moving onwards. The golden accessories give us the strength to proudly move on.

Individuals is a changing collective of young creatives. The brand aims to inspire and tell a story by combining different talents. Each generation adds its own unique chapter to the story of Individuals.