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Monday, 10 September 2012

Winner category Branding:

• Paid internship placement of 6 months at the Marketing department of Diesel in Dusseldorf
  (€400,- p/m)

Internship start : 01-04-2013   -    end: 30-09-2013
travel costs included

• A shopping cheque worth €600 to dress yourself all in DIESEL!

• Interview on FashionUnited, published in 13 countries

• A personal achievement for your resume



There’s a unique characteristic flowing through each Diesel product, from clothing to ad campaigns. This approach is made possible by extraordinary teamwork behind the scenes. The Diesel Creative Team comprises not only those who design clothing, but also the talents behind graphic design, advertising, events & shows, interiors, store windows and websites. Together, they create the Diesel universe.

All Diesel collections start with an inspirational journey. The Creative Team jets off to far-flung corners of the world seeking stimulation of all forms: antique, modern, or super-futuristic, there are truly no limits to what is explored. The designers return with notes, photographs and objects which are then moulded into a collection theme during a lively brainstorming session. Another famous aspect of the Diesel creativity is its advertising. Diesel’s early catalogues were extremely eclectic and have long been cult objects in design circles. From the early 1990s to the present day, Diesel’s Creative Team has executed groundbreaking advertising campaigns in collaboration with a variety of talents, from promising newcomers to leading names in the worlds of photography and art direction. Diesel’s campaigns have generated shock, laughter and disbelief, as well as shelf-loads of awards. The ingredients of Diesel ads have never changed: irony, provocation, intelligence and sex appeal.

Digital communications and social networking are familiar to us today, but Diesel.com was launched as early as 1995 and Diesel’s fans have been communicating with it online ever since. The Diesel Digital Revolution is continuously growing with the launch in March 2010 of the new Diesel.com: a groundbreaking, intuitive new visual tag based platform fuelled by users’ desires and preferences and completely integrated with the social networks worldwide.

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