Esmod Berlin: 8 Acts of Rebellion

Tuesday, 22 January 2013
Based on the diploma collection of Karen Jessen, winner of the “International Award” at the Graduate Fashion Week 2012 in London, the “Prix Créateur“ at Esmod Berlin 2012 as well as the React Fashion Award 2012, the debut collection „8 Acts of Rebellion“ by Benu Berlin combines rebellious attitude with urban effortlessness.

Delicate, archaic structures on leather define feminine silhouettes and focus on precision and richness of detail. Luminous fire and water colours in voluptous shapes and expressive textures present themselves in majestic robes and flowing dresses. Karen Jessen and Anna Bach, both alumni of the International University  of Art Esmod Berlin, launched the label Benu Berlin after finishing their studies in 2012.

In „8 Acts of Rebellion“ they decompose 350 T-shirts, 60 Jeans and 4 leather sofas into finest individual parts and redefine the expression “upcycling“ into an exceptional dimension of shapes and colours. Benu Berlin represents explosive couture with urban flair.

“Make love not fashion“                                                                                          
Karen Jessen & Anna Bach