AMFI celebrates new generation of fashion talent during Transit 2014

Friday, 20 June 2014
On Saturday 28 June AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute hosts the ninth edition of the graduation event Transit 2014 in the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam. During the event more than 100 graduates from Design, Management and Branding present themselves to the fashion industry, family and friends with a catwalk show and an exposition. Transit will also launch AMFI’s latest independent fashion magazine and feature a special one-day photography exhibition ‘Masters of Denim’.

altExposition and catwalk show
Graduates from each of AMFI’s three study specialisations showcase their final products in the exposition. These products are very diverse and include but are hardly limited to research into textile innovation, retail concepts, brand identities, marketing plans, digital technologies, fashion films and new concepts regarding sustainability. Twelve graduates from the specialisation Fashion & Design will also show their collections during the Transit catwalk shows. After having gained experience during their studies at well-known fashion labels including Alexander Wang, Viktor & Rolf and Alexander McQueen, these students are eager to present their work to the industry and press.

mondaze magazine – unbore yourself with fashion
The newest edition of the yearly indie magazine of AMFI offers a stylish answer to contemporary boredom. Boredom which arises not out of lack of things to do, but rather because there’s too much to do. The magazine, the online platform and the iPad app are developed, designed and produced by over thirty AMFI-students. Together with the 2014 yearbook, mondaze will be launched and sold during Transit, alongside the unique product line (see also

Masters of Denim
A special one-day photography exposition titled ‘Masters of Denim’ will be revealed at Transit 2014. The portrait series has been photographed by Justine Tjallinks and styled by Lisa Dymph Megens, both AMFI alumni. Masters of Denim at Transit 2014 commemorates AMFI alumni who have contributed to bringing Amsterdam into the golden age of denim. Local denim lovers are encouraged to attend.

Tickets for Transit
Tickets are available in advance online at (€12,50) and are sold at-the-door of the World Fashion Centre (€15). The byAMFI Statement Store on Spui in Amsterdam has a limited number of discount coupons available.

Programme Transit 2014

Afternoon programme

16.00-19.00 Exposition
17.00-18.00 Catwalk show

Evening programme

19.00-22.30 Exposition
20.00-21.00 Catwalk show