Alvanon Inc. announces Fit Movement Partnership with Fashion Institute of Technology

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Alvanon, The Global Apparel Business Expert, has entered into a Fit Movement partnership with the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), an elite NYC educational institute. The partnership supplies FIT’s School of Business and Technology with advanced technical fit tools and provides its students with encouragement, mentoring and class seminars covering the business of fashion.

“Alvanon’s Fit Movement is designed to nourish, grow and reestablish the art and science of apparel manufacturing in New York City,” says Alvanon CEO Janice Wang. “To that end, we are working with industry associations and schools, and supplying them with tools, technology and training that address the manufacturing sector of the fashion business.

”The Fashion Institute of Technology’s dean, Steven Frumkin, has been unwavering in bringing his school’s support to the reskilling of NYC apparel manufacturing. Together, we are helping to cultivate new generations of ‘hands on’ artisans, such as patternmakers, who are essential to garment production.”

In addition to world-class technical development tools, students will benefit from Alvanon’s extensive product development experience with the world’s leading and most successful apparel brands and retailers.

“We have production and computerized patternmaking, spec, grading and fit correction courses,” says Deborah Beard, Chair, Technical Design Department, Fashion Institute of Technology. “The issue of fit is central to the business of fashion. You might be a great fashion designer and have great production and sales people, but if the garment doesn’t fit, at the end of day you lose your customer’s interest.”

Alvanon is also a member of FIT’s Technical Design Advisory Board, which focuses on current curriculum challenges and strategies to provide students with additional practical experience.

Through Alvanon’s Fit Movement partnership with FIT, Alvanon replaced the School of Business and Technology’s existing inventory of fashion tools with men’s, women’s, children’s and plus size AlvaForm fit mannequins, as well as grading blocks, and its Virtual AlvaForm. “Notably, FIT’s School of Business and Technology is the first to incorporate Alvanon’s Virtual AlvaForms into its curriculum,” Wang reports. “The Virtual AlvaForm enables accurate 3D garment simulation. It is used in conjunction with physical AlvaForm fit mannequins to ensure consistency in fit and sizing at every level of the design, development, production and quality process.”

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